The Junkyard Dogs

FRC Team 2106



Welcome to the Goochland High School’s dog pound! We are The Junkyard Dogs, FRC team 2106. Our team hails from the rural county of Goochland, Virginia and has been competing in FIRST robotics competitions since 2007. Our extremely diverse team has gone from 6 students to 28, and we continue to grow in size every season. We spend countless hours of our busy schedules building robots, along with memories to last a lifetime. Our team has been growing more successful as we gain more experience through the years.



“Our missions is to create opportunities in which students can grow mentally and realize their true potential. The students here develop life skills through volunteering, hard work, and teamwork. Our team allows all members to play a part in making the robot and contributing their skills to the team. We promote team unity and bonding through integrity, confidence, and cooperation.”