Why Choose Our team?

On the Junkyard Dogs, our philosophy is that every willing member should have a hands on experience and play a major role in the team's success. As a smaller team, we can achieve that more easily than other larger teams who may have to limit the amount of time that people work on the robot. On our team, everyone gets to participate in the part of FRC that they want to take part in. In addition, we still accept  community members that do not attend Goochland High School. You can learn more about FIRST as a whole here

As a Mentor

Mentors are always needed on an FRC team. We have a coach and 6 gracious mentors that willingly give up their time to help us. With that said, more mentors would be welcome to join the program. Increasing our number of mentors can help take some of the weight off of their shoulders and also allow us to do more as a team with more available resources. If you would like to become a mentor for our team, you can contact us using of the methods listed here