The Junkyard Dogs Robotics team was founded in 2006. The team is based in Goochland High School in Goochland, Virginia. The county itself is fairly rural with a total population of about 22,500 people. Many people living in our community do not know of our team or about robotics in general. As a team, we believe that we can change that and spread the word to those living in our county and beyond.


A Clean Slate

After the 2016 season, most of the team either graduated or did not return.  We had 3 freshman students return from the previous year as sophomores for the 2017 season.  Five new team members joined the group for a total of 8 members.  It was essentially a rookie team.  We did well that season and learned a lot! We knew that we had what it takes and worked hard to recruit, learn from our mentors, and teach all of our team members in multiple roles.



 For the 2018 season we grew to 20 members of the team. We built two robots with different designs. One was an arm robot and the other was a lift design.  We decided to build the two robots because we saw potential in both designs.  In the end, we went with the lift design. The first lift we competed with used bolt heads to hold the lift together and slide. We ended up as Alliance Captains of the 5th alliance in our first competition and captains of the 4th seeded alliance at our second. We advanced to the district championship and unfortunately fell short of a trip to the world championship


Offseason 2018

After the district championship, our funds were depleted. We realized that we would have to do a lot of fundraising and earn the support of more sponsors if we want to continue to be a consistently competitive team as the years go by. So we got to work and earned over 20 new sponsorships! If you are interested in sponsoring the team in any way, you can get more information about that here