Goochland High School FRC team 2106 has been busy this year! A main focus of our team this year has been community outreach. We have started increasing the awareness of FIRST robotics through demonstrations, the HEAV convention, pep rally games using our robot, robot demonstrations at Goochland Day and the local STEM camp.  Our mission is to bring awareness to STEM and FIRST robotics’ part in increasing participation in STEM activities.  We have increased our fund-raising activities by reaching out to over 100 businesses as well as the local Chamber of Commerce.



We developed a business plan and presented it to each company.  Another avenue of community outreach we are pursuing is collaboration within the community of FIRST teams.  We are attending two off-season events, Rumble in the Roads and Battle O’ Baltimore, in order to participate in more FIRST activities as well as to make connections with other teams in the district.  Another collaboration effort we are committed to is to work with other teams in the Richmond area to provide summer workshops for Rookie teams or new members.



Next year, the Junkyard Dogs plan to continue our outreach program.  We would like to work with other group such as Girl Scouts and Boys Scouts to provide badge opportunities and increase their interest in STEM activities. We also plan to increase the number of mentors we have.  Currently, we have four mentors as well as our coach. We also plan to increase the number of team members.  For the 2017 season, we had 12 team members.  For the 2018 season, we increased that number to 20 team members.  We hope to increase that number again for the 2019 season.